About us

Unique Design Tile Company is the Vancouver's leading store offering sellers, suppliers, and distributor services for marble tiles, splash tiles, porcelain, slate, glass and ceramic tiles. The company is leading in marble tiles fixing, marble tile installation, splash tiles fixing and installation, porcelein tiles fixing & installation and slate tiles fixing & installation. Our work is highly appreciated by every customer as it is done with accuracy and style. The professional approach and customer satisfaction features that this company provides are the main reasons of the popularity of Unique Design Tile Company in Surrey. Being in the market since last 17 years only, the success of this company and the increase in the number of customers day by day is only because of the true dedication by the company.

Unique Design Tile Company is just a visit away from your place and it is the guarantee and the satisfaction that you will get from us and it is worth giving it a try. Moreover, glass tile fixing & installation, ceramic tile fixing and installation are some of the main reasons why the company is achieving so much of success. Located in Vancouver (Canada), Unique Design Tile Company is not only a good distributor of tiles but also professional installers of these tiles. For all those customers who have already tried our services are 100% satisfied with the services and spread a word about our QUALITY services in their circle. It is a fact that customer satisfaction is the main thing that a company looks for.

Unique Design Tile Company, Canada has all the expertise and experience that they make use of right from the customer's first visit. Your budget is also kept in mind and so we have variety of tiles offered at good prices in our catalogue. It is a guarantee that you will come back again and refer others about the quality service and tile products that you will get.