Marble Tile

It is not an easy task to convert marble into a piece of tile. It has to go under certain process to actually get the shape of a marble tile. They are taken from large stones and then given the sizes of like 12 inches mostly. Once chosen for your home or office, marble tile stays intact for years thereby giving a royal look to the area.

Splash Tile

Splash tiles are actually manufactured from aluminum and copper. They are then given the perfect shape that does not get rust. Another quality of these tiles is that they do not have any sharp edges at all. These tiles are also ideal for kitchens. Splash tile is very durable and have a long life.

Porcelein Tile

The important features of porcelain tiles include the elegance it brings wherever it is installed. It also matches with any surrounding color easily because of the easy availability in different colors. The durability of porcelain tiles makes it one of the most popular tiles categories today among various product of tiles.

Slate Tile

Slate tile comes with excellent features like heat resistant and the non-combustion feature. Further, the color of slate tiles does not fade and they give their original look even after many years of its usage. They are also natural slip resistant making it easy to walk.

Glass Tile

Glass tiles have been the choice of many tile lovers because they do not crack easily like other tile materials especially the ceramic tiles. Discoloration, frost proof and stain resistant is some other qualities of glass tile that they posses. If installed properly glass tile can be the best choice of all the tiles.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles have unique characteristics than the rest of the tiles because of their durability and ability of absorbing water if they are installed properly. It is a choice of many customers because of the glaze and shine these tiles give. Ceramic tile is known better by us.
  Tiles product Surrey comes in many varieties or for various purposes like flooring-bathroom floor, bedroom floor, laundry floor, deck Floor and for entryway, Patios, backsplash, kitchen splash, fireplace, bathroom walls, shower surround. Visit our tile products showroom for more information.