Let your home's entrance be made to look even finer than before with our various product of tiles. An entryway is a hall that leaves a great impression on the guests visiting your home. Installing the Entryway tiles into the hallway will enhance the beauty. The files have no negative effect due to extreme weather conditions. Also, the regular usage of the path won't hamper the tile structure or its finish.


The normal flooring tiles may get wear and tear out with time and also due to the regular usage of the entrance door. The sub-standard flooring material may get degraded with time and needs to be replaced. Get Patio flooring done at your place for better durability, maintenance-free, and environment friendly. These are even heat and fire resistant. Check out the various Patio marble tile color options available at our store.


Add a style statement to your home with splash tiles. Have a makeover of your home with kitchen splash tiles or backsplash tiles for enhanced durability. Get them installed in quite a less time at surprisingly reasonable prices.


Fall in love with your fireplace with tiles from this Surrey based company. Add elegance to your home with top quality and heat and fire resistant tiles for your fireplace area. We offer decorative ceramic tile for fireplace at your home.


Being a leading provider of tiles in Canada, we are the wholesale suppliers, manufactures of glass tile, wall tiles, etc and we also visit your place for consultation, analysis, and tiles installation on appointments. Approach us for wall tiles, slate tile, kitchen tiles, floor and bathroom tiles and any other tiles with a great variety of colors.


Unique Design Tile Company, Surrey manufactures porcelein tile and slate tile and other types of tiles that are truly designed for living. Either you get them fitted in for shower walls or for floors; your investment won't go wasted at all. The best thing about our tiles is the top quality and innovative designs for an affordable lifestyle. Tiles product Surrey is the best solution for improving the looks of your house, whether it is an entrance or the kitchen tiles, or be it bathroom wall and floor tiles. Visit us personally at our tile products showroom or contact us online for quotes. Don't just forget to browse our image gallery to have an idea about your products and services.